News 2019



We have 5 males a 4 females *16.2.2019 1.week We like sleep, eat and sleep again


2.week   puppies are already beginning to see, hear, and so far unsteady steps take up longer distances in their birth box


Week 3    puppies are growing from water, they are 3 weeks old, see, hear, and learn to stand alone. When they are not sleeping, they are exploring their surroundings or tenderly struggling.  



4.week   puppies start to quick walk, play and have their first teeth, do a flat survey and start playing with plush toys and balls.  


5.week   puppies grow stronger, weigh more than 4 kg, run in the garden and spend more time outside in the garden, they also eat ground meat.  


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Jupee, today we was on ultrasound and our female Bianca is pregnant. We are very enjoy to small Charms and Biancas.



2019 we have cover our female Bianca od Devti vrb, you can raservation puppies from this spring breed :     Litter "O" Pedigree


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