Aretha Anvajess

gif obrazek - bezici pejsek

born: 18.8.2014

JUNIOR CHAMPOIN CZ, CLUB JUNIOR CHAMPION CZ, 4x BOJ, 1xBOS, 5xBOB, 5xČKŠ Junior, 4xČKŠ, 4x CAJC, 4x CAC CZ, 1x CAC SK, 1x CAC ČMKU, 2x res.CAC SK, 2xCACIB, 2x res CACIB, 2xISPU JUNIOR certifikát, 1xISPU certifikát


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Fena/Female 64 cm, 33 kg
HD: 0/0  ED: 0/0

Show result: Twelve month old very beautifule and elegant female, excellent body structure, nice long head, dark eyes, scissors bite , chrup úplný, excellent angulation, good movement, excellent black colour of coat with really hard structure, excellend handling.

Aretha, home name  "Sára" is very temperament female with own opinion for thing. She has excellent colour of coat and nature beautiful movement. She very love all our family,society, movement and activity whichever sort.  She is  teachable  and quick during training, strong love water and action life. K rodině je velmi milá i přes svoji divokost. She has very nice exterier, which is momentaly whole forming to typical  Giant schnauzer with hard coat and dark eyes.